The Transport Reform Network (TRN)

The Transport Reform Network (TRN) is a partnership of organisations and individuals that first came together in 2011 to discuss the state of transport funding and financing in Australia.

TRN members share a common belief that the way we plan, manage and pay for our transport services and networks is no longer sustainable.

Despite their best intentions, our governments are faced with significant funding challenges and difficult choices.  The end result - we're not seeing the new infrastructure we urgently need, the improved public transport solutions we want, or answers to problems like congestion.

Is there a better way?

It's time we had an open, honest debate in the community about how we pay for our transport infrastructure and services – and most importantly, what we get in return.

As individuals, we need to get informed and have our say.

This debate needs to spark a reform process that delivers more efficient, integrated transport systems and solutions - and a better, fairer transport deal for all Australians.


TRN members


Our goals...